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Wireless Access

Procedures and Regulations

Currently, wifi is NOT available at the park.  We are working with KCNet to get broadband service set up for the park but have to wait our turn to get them over to the park. The initial set up was apparently not approved by the company...a big disappointment, but I guess the guy we talked to was doing stuff he wasn't allowed to do. Just realize that Chip is working on it from the park office and this will be a service of the park - no longer a service of the Dark Sky Fund/Association.

Our sincere thanks to both Astronomical Society of Harrisburg and the Central Pennsylvania Observers for their support over the years for the Hughesnet Satellite system we had installed up at the park.  It had it glitchy moments, but at the time, it was the best we could do, so thanks to both clubs, we were able to keep that going over the years.

Keep checking with the Lyman Run Park office to see if the wifi is up or speak to one of our intrepid rangers...You will still be required to use a username and password once the system is up and running.

Thanks for your patience!